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Living with Brain Injury

Sidetember gives you the opportunity to step into the life of a person living with Brain Injury.

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Live Your Life Fully

Every day we live our lives on autopilot. Simple things are performed without thinking about it or even paying much attention. Daily routines like getting dressed, sending a text, reversing out of the driveway or asking someone for the time.

But for people living with a Brain Injury, every act is deliberate. The simplest things we can take for granted – walking, talking, typing, eating, socialising – have to be re-learned, and become triumphs when they are achieved.

This is life for people with Brain Injury.

This September, you will see how hard their lives actually are.

By participating in Sidetember, you will step into the shoes of someone living with a Brain Injury for a few moments every day. You will see what it’s like to walk on their side, and your empathy can stop them being sidelined by their injury.

Are you up for the challenge?

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