Why Brain Injury?

Did you know that in Australia, 1 in 12 people live with an acquired brain injury? We bet you didn’t.

Did you know that 10 to 15 Australians sustain a traumatic brain injury every week? Probably not.

Now imagine a life where you can’t think or move without tremendous effort. Imagine that you can’t do simple things like getting dressed, send a text or brush your teeth without deliberate thought and preparation. You can’t play your favourite sport or activity.

How do you feel?

With Sidetember you will find out, and help out.

People With Brain Injury

Hear the stories from people who have lived and triumphed with brain injury because of your help.

Mark had a car accident

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Shauna fell off a horse

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Mario had a complication during surgery

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Peter came off his dirt bike

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This September is your chance to step into the shoes of someone living with a brain injury.

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