Jesse Aflalo


I'm stepping into the shoes of someone living with a brain injury

This September, I’ve accepted the Sidetember challenge to step into the shoes of someone living with a brain injury.

During the month of September, I will live some of my day doing simple tasks we often take for granted – like talking, texting, eating, getting dressed – as a person with a brain injury has to. And I’m asking you to support me. Sidetember gives me the opportunity to step into the life of a person living with Brain Injury. I will have to live my life more deliberately.

To think about my actions, to pay attention to what I do. I am proud that my actions this September will help people that have been sidelined by their brain injury, get back to life. Any donation you choose to make today will give people living with a brain injury back their dignity and their independence.

Money raised will be shared between Brain Injury Australia’s advocacy efforts and sustaining Royal Rehab’s Return2Sport program. Are you in?

My Achievements

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