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MyCarePack is an online platform to buy and send commissary packages to the family and friends who are undergoing reclusion in correctional facilities and are not present in front of you on your daily work environment. MyCarePack provides small packages that contain food items or supplies that only meant to provide relief to the inmates. This MyCarePack provides a great opportunity for the inmate's friend and family members to show their love and support towards him so that it creates a less stressful environment for your staff.

If you want to send commissary packages for your loved ones through MyCarePack, you need to consider the following guidelines:

  • First, visit the official page of MyCarePac by navigating the URL from your web browser.
  • After landing on that page, you will be asked to select your inmate's location and facility on respective drop-down boxes.
  • Tap the enter button and you will be redirected to the shopping page where you can shop items for your friend or family members.
  • After that, find the name of your family member by entering its last name and first name on the 'search inmate' box.
  • Once you have found your family member on the site, proceed for the payment process.
  • Provide your credit card details on the payment page and confirm your purchase accordingly.

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