Are you up for the Challenge?

Take the Sidetember Challenge and help raise

awareness and funds for people living with brain injury.



Live Mindfully

Live your own more deliberate life this September with the Sidetember Challenge.

Every day we live our lives on autopilot, completing daily routines like getting dressed, talking, and walking without thinking. But for people living with a brain injury, these simple things we take for granted often have to be re-learned – and they become triumphs when they are achieved.

Sidetember is your chance to take an active role in supporting people who live with a brain injury to get off the sidelines and back into the community.

The #SideChallenge is simple: Sign up. Complete the brain injury challenges we will send you weekly via email and SMS throughout September. Share your efforts on social media to help raise funds and awareness.

Funds raised will support Royal Rehab and Brain Injury Australia.


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