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How it all began – Stu’s Story

Three blokes. One Sunday afternoon. A couple of stools, some schooners, and a hare-brained (excuse the pun) scheme to get paid to grow our sideburns – all to help people living with a brain injury. Two months later, Sidetember was born.

But our story goes a little further back. Really, our mission came out of watching our friend Terry Kennedy recover from a near fatal brain injury at age 33. Terry recovered and went from the hospital to running a marathon 8 weeks later.

We were inspired and began to learn more.

We were surprised to learn 3 things

1. How many people are actually living with a brain injury

2. How little public knowledge there is about brain injuries

3. The lack of funding for people living with a brain injury.

We’re all avid amateur snowboarders, surfers, triathletes and arm-chair footy players. (And some of us like flexing a little intellectual muscle too.) Contemplating a life where we couldn’t do these sports or think well-enough to live independently was terrifying to us. We now knew how vital a healthy brain is to live a normal life. This and Terry’s experience made us feel compelled to do something about it.

Sidetember has evolved over the past 4 years. I’m proud that we’ve raised over $120,000 to help people like Terry living with a brain injury. And this year we’re aiming to be bigger than ever. This year, the boys and I have partnered with Brain Injury Australia and Royal Rehab. Our mission is to raise funds and awareness for people living with a brain injury. Our ultimate goal is to provide opportunities for those people, like our friend Terry, to help them get back into life.

Over the years, we've worked hard to create an event that allows you and others to experience life with a brain injury.

My hope is that you will appreciate and love the life you have – and help me raise money to support people living with a brain injury.

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